Homecooked Meals, Fake-Marble-Slab, and rapping Congressmen

So, this evening I was treated to an excellent dinner by the girls of suite 814. Martha, Jillian, Katelyn and Katie (or really, Katelyn’s grandma) made us roasted chicken, dressing, green beans, sweet tea, and cinnamon cake. It was excellent. After dinner, we went over to celebrate Amanda’s birthday… by eating more food. They had fresh cheeries!!

In the office today… Congressman Cohen rapped at his campaign opening. It went viral… The Hill, Time Magazine’s blog, Gawker, PostPolitics, etc. Of note, the Congressman cannot dance: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/104433-rep-cohen-joins-rap-group-onstage-at-campaign-event

Tomorrow, the House is back in session, and so we’ll be doing a lot more work. Today… I wrote letters about increasing Retirement Pay for Reservists, the upcoming update to NCLB/ESEA, something about a freeze on Federal employees’ pay, and… worked on my Juneteenth commemoration thing. I’ll be sure to pick up a copy of the Congressional Record when it comes out to give to the family. The other intern had to work on a letter about genetically modified-aka-mutant alfalfa sprouts. We also watched Wimbledon… and the Congressman’s YouTube video… over and over. There’s gonna be a battle on Wednesday. 90% of the people in the office will want to watch the World Cup. 1 person is going to want to watch Wimbledon. He controls the remote in the front office.

Our new intern came in again today. She’s only been staying half days. She’s Jewish and goes to Wesleyan college. Apparently, she got placed in our office because of a Jewish-Members thing.

I’m supposed to go get dinner and watch the USAF band on the steps of the capitol tomorrow night with Mary Lamar and Martha. That should be a lot of fun. Also, lunch with some interns from Cooper-trooper’s office.


  • Breakfast: Cereal, rushed, with Coffee
  • Lunch: Turkey, Swiss & lettuce sandwich on wheat, rice pudding, apple sauce, fruit snacks, and a few too many of the chocolate things given to us by the Federal Credit Union peoples.
  • Dinner: we’ve gone over this already
  • Dessert: Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bar!
  • Outfit: BB khakis, vv sea shell tie, prl blue oxford, burgundy sperry’s, bb blazer. – I couldn’t remember if it was casual day/not in session day or not… I had just worn a black/white casual shirt and black shoes… then… I changed at the last second. NOTE TO SELF: Do NOT wear the Lacoste belt anymore. It goes off in the metal detector.
  • funny side story: the guards just scanned me… they made Rohan take his belt off when he went to the Capitol.
  • I bought a leather watch strap today. It’s black… so I can wear it with my suit… however, I’m not sure if I can go back to the ribbon one. 🙁
  • Bible: Numbers 17, Psalms 23-24, Isaiah 9, Matthew 7, Romans 7

The weekend.

This may end up being more of a photoblog… hmm.

My dad came into town to visit yesterday. He drove up that morning… We started our day in Georgetown.

I ate shrimp! (fried shrimp tempura)

That was followed by doing a bit of wandering through Georgetown. I finally managed to wander over to the Vineyard Vines store.

Dad also got a Vineyard Vines tie… but not nearly as exciting of one… It just had fish on it. We also got matching Patagonia Moisture-wicking shorts.

After getting bored of walking around Georgetown, we tried to head towards the Capitol. We drove around for a while. Went by the Air & Space museum again. It was a lot more fun this time. Headed back over to Dupont Circle where we had dinner at a little Italian restaurant. First good sign: the employees couldn’t speak English very well. I had spaghetti bolognese. Spuomoni for dessert! (It’s like ice cream fruit cake)

I thought I’d be able to get in the Capitol this morning… and so we went by… We made it to the capitol tunnel boundary, but were turned back by the guard. Oh well.

(That’s my office in case you were wondering.) Oh, so, as I left dad, he gave me half a six pack of beer and an issue of GQ.

I’m supposed to get dinner with Jadzia tonight over at U street. It’s a really cool area. Would remind any Nashvillians of Germantown.

Dad’s is actually on the way to DC

Goals for the day: Smithsonians and shopping.

I should probably just bite the bullet and buy trashbags. I don’t think anyone else is going to and our shopping bags aren’t cutting it anymore.

June 18 Stats

Today’s Bible Reading –

  • Numbers 12
  • Psalm 13-14
  • Isaiah 4
  • Matthew 2
  • Romans 2

Today’s Menu –

  • Chicken Sandwich #1 at Clyde’s for dinner
  • Blueberry Bagel for breakfast
  • Turkey & Provolone on wheat for lunch

Today’s Activities –

  • Internship, 9-6
  • “Ivy-Intern” mixer, 7-8
  • Dinner at Clyde’s with Zoe, Sandy, Laura, and Lauren 8-9
  • Toy Story 3 9-11
  • Suite 518 chill time 11-1:30

Today’s clothes –

  • Blue Brooks Brothers sport shirt
  • Khaki BB pants
  • Volunteer Traditions TN belt
  • Brown Sperry’s
  • (It was casual day in the office)

Girls in glitter on the metro and Toy Story 3

I finished my second week of work at my internship. We had several callers asking us to impeach the President.

None of them are from our district. None of them have a clue where our district is or who our Congressman is… Yesterday, I was told I was stupid, I was going to lose my job, and my Congressman would not be re-elected. I really wanted to respond with our last election results…. or the polls from this year… both of which we win with greater than a 50% margin.

A man, from out of the district, called today to ask me about “Cap and Tax” and proceeded to tell me all of the terrible things we were doing. I didn’t know what “cap and tax” was… I had heard of “Cap and Trade,” but I didn’t know what “Cap and Tax” was… He did eventually say that he was referring to “cap and trade.”

Oh, I should probably explain the title of this post… Yesterday.. (well, Thursday), we were getting off at the Capitol South metro stop… there was a girl wearing a mini-cocktail-dress covered in gold sequins. She looked like she was in last night’s makeup and was carrying her high-heeled-shoes in her hands… and got off the train, presumably heading towards her capitol hill internship.

Other random fact: just about every president has worn Johnston & Murphy shoes… so did the male West Wing characters.

I finally made it to the Vineyard Vines store in Georgetown the other day. Martha thought that I was in heaven. I thought it was the best clothing store that I had ever been on… My favorite tie was a Capitol Dome with cherry blossoms on it. They also had a belt in the same pattern… but not in my size. They also had some jackets that had “VV Georgetown” with the latitude and longitude of the store on it.

I saw Toy Story 3 today! It transported me right back to my childhood. The real question is… why didn’t bo-peep come back??

This weekend is gonna be interesting. My dad is supposed to come visit, but I haven’t heard from him in the last few days… he did send me a picture of a horse trailer from the Budweiser Brewery in St. Louis.