Working thought process…

I went to see Inception tonight with one of the other interns in my office. We ended up running into Sean at the theater.

The concept of Inception is pretty interesting. It’s looking at what would happen if you had the ability to enter into other people’s dreams. One of the central plot lines is the main character’s wife, Mal (french = bad), becomes convinced that she is not in “reality” anymore. She tries to kill herself to move on to “true” reality. (This is because the main character had used “inception” to plant the thought that their dream world wasn’t the real world in order to get her out…) She ends up jumping off a building hoping her husband will follow. He doesn’t, but is haunted by it for the rest of his life.

In the movie, each person is supposed to have a “totem” that allows them to know whether they’re in their reality or another person’s dream. Mal’s totem is a top that will spin infinitely while she is dreaming. At the end of the movie, once the main character is reunited with his children (which was the point of the whole plot); he spins the top. It continues spinning, but wobbles for a moment-and the camera cuts.

This reminded me of the Biblical reference (which I haven’t been able to find yet…) that says that this present life is just a brief shadow, a glimmer of the glory that we will experience in the age to come…

UPDATE: Here’s the Scripture, Colossians 2:17:

These are only a shadow of what is to come, but the substance belongs to Christ.

BTW: I had my spaghetti for lunch that I cooked on Sunday. I had put it in a Rubbermaid Take-a-long and heated it up and everything. be proud mom.

Dinner: CapitolQ – Texas Style BBQ. The banana pudding was neon yellow. Good prices for DC, though.

Navy HSM suit, TN tie, blue & white collar shirt, black strapped-silver bb watch and black J&M shoes.

The Case of the Missing Roommate

…or reasons to not take that last shot…

Happy Sunday morning everyone! Now, while I should be getting a few hours of sleep before heading to church, I am instead waiting for my roommate as he got lost on the Metro. He got sick as we headed home from Logan’s birthday party… and started vomiting in the Metro Station. After a 20 minute wait, we were finally able to get onto a train. Poor guy couldn’t hold it in… Well, actually, he did. He looked terrible for the two stops until we got to Pentagon. As the train door was closing, he darted out of the train and hurled over the side of the railing. Dumbstruck at the sight of my roomie running out of the train, I continued on home. Upon arriving at the station, I ran into Maria and Katelyn who requested an escort home. As I walked them home, I tried to call my roomie. Once I got home, he finally called me. I arranged for a cab to pick him up, and he should be safely home within the next thirty minutes.

How did this occur you ask?

Today was filled with political scandal, labor organizing movements, and drinking wine in beautiful old town houses out near DuPont Circle. The day started with the threat of rain and a service project. The Leader had signed us up to paint a homeless shelter, out in the ghetto… 20 minutes away from the nearest Metro station. We had organized a revolt. Of the 8 members in our group, we were sure at least 6 would go along with our plan. Thankfully, our open revolt never had to take place (note: we aren’t against doing service. We’re against painting in 94Âș heat and 100% humidity on our Saturday afternoons). The Leader had led the first group towards the homeless shelter at approximately 11:30. Approaching 2:00p.m., they had still not arrived. The Fearless Leader hadn’t bothered to confirm with the facility we were supposed to go to or mapped out the route to take. After hours of searching, they finally reached the place–which was closed because a waterline broke. The second group was saved from the tortures of painting in deathly heat. Unfortunately, it was after everyone had already wasted half their day waiting to go over there.

In other news, I picked up my Charleston Khakis this morning. I have yet to try them on again, but they looked nice. Following our release from tyranny, I convinced Rohan to head up to Target with me to look at watches. I had almost decided on one, but decided to wait a while. We then went down to Gallery Place for FroZENyo. It was delicious. I got cookie dough, banana cream, and… I can’t remember the third flavor.

After the FroYo, we marched down the road on our way to the American history museum. We managed to get lost in the Old Post Office, but thankfully made it out. After walking down a street that had no sidewalks because of construction, we finally reached an intersection. I was beginning to think that all hope was lost… until I saw the state flags flying to the right. I had successfully lead us in the right direction. RoHo and I visited the Presidential exhibit first. Almost immediately after arriving, Jadzia joins us with some of her friends from home. After a thorough tour of the Presidents’ and Lincoln’s exhibit, we made our way downstairs to see the Star Spangled Banner.

O! say does that star-spangled banner yet wave,
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

The Star Spangled Banner that Francis Scott Key wrote about in what became our nation’s national anthem is now contained in an extremely low light exhibit on the first floor of the museum (in an exhibit sponsored by POLO RALPH LAUREN).

The flag has an eerie quality because so much of it is gone do to the passage of time and people chopping off mementos.

Following the museum, I went up to hang out with my friend E and her friend Ashley. We sat around, had some fruit of the vine, and discussed politics and our respective adventures in DC. Ashley works for a firm that is made up of all top-level Bush staff members. We also did this in one of the nicest apartments that I had ever been in. There was also a cat there. Ashley doesn’t like cats. E kept putting the cat in a room, but the cat kept coming back out and heading straight for Ashley. It was an amusing game of cat and mouse Ashley.

Following some light snacks and several hours of conversation, we headed to one of their friends’ apartment. My phone was dying… so I decided to take the cab we were in back to a Metro because the house was over a mile from a Metro stop.

That brings me to Logan’s birthday gathering. We sat around. Enjoyed orange juice+, ordered some pizza, and had a grand old time. Roho had too good of a time. Poor kid, he just made back home from the Metro.

Goodnight Y’all.

A Tale of Two Tours.

Today, I did something I don’t plan to ever do again in the future–give two tours of the Capitol. While I think I probably managed to recite things a little better by the second tour, that was one exhausting adventure. I’ve also come to some conclusions… There are very few young children who should be allowed in the seat of our nation’s experiment in Republican Democracy. Wesley Rugen is one child that I’m okay with visiting again… the kid who won the contest the other day… not so much.

To quote Josh Lyman, “This is a campaign for the Presidency of the United States the Capitol of the United States and the center of our Republic and there’s nothing I take more seriously.” First, kid, don’t go running around the Capitol like it’s a playground. PAY ATTENTION! This is more important than tying your shoes. Second, MOM, get a hold of your child. PLEASE.

Ok, that’s the end of my rant. Let’s talk about other things that are great in this Democracy… I saw the most amazing thing today. The Congressional Downs Syndrome Caucus was on campus trying to recruit more members. I had lunch with a girl who was able to lobby Congressman effectively, she was navigating the political landscape as well as anyone I knew.

Other things amazing, and protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution: the PETA models. While, we missed the vegan hot dogs they were giving out today, someone from their staff was editing their pictures. danggg. New mini-rant: Democrats hate their young interns. There have been several Democratic Events through the course of this summer, but they’ve all been 21+. If they want to inspire a new generation of voters, they need to stop cutting out the first group of voters. Those who are still excited and haven’t been completely disenchanted. Instead… they turn us away. Whereas, the Republicans let anyone who wants to in… including me!

I had another person volunteer to become a member of my campaign team in the future. I’ve had a Vanderbilt Professor, my dad, and an intern from SMU in the chair of the NRCC’s office say that I seem like I could be a good Congressman. We shall see…

Statistical Analysis of the Day:

  • Breakfast: Cereal; Lunch: chicken sandwich, pudding, and a plum (and several cookies); dinner: Auntie Anne’s Cinnamon Sugar pretzel sticks, a turkey sandwich, and some broccoli.
  • Clothing: Black Johnston & Murphy shoes, Navy Striped Hart-Marx suit, white Brooks Brother shirt, Vineyard Vines Capitol Dome & Cherry Blossom tie (got quite a few compliments on it) and my America-Tennessee flag pin.
  • Bible Verses: Deuteronomy 3, Psalm 69-70, Isaiah 35, Mark 5, I Corinthians 15


I got to experience a Capitol Dome tour today. It was truly one of the most breathtaking experiences of my life. You can see the entire city from the top of the Dome. It’s also a bit of a sacred space because of the peace experienced above the partisan bickering and hum of the tourists that are normally echoing through the halls of Congress.

Today… I… narrowly missed a harrowing experience on the DC Metro. Martha was on the yellow line train after mine. A kid passed out and started seizing in the car that she was in… which delayed the train for about 30 minutes.

The series of events leading up to the Dome Tour was rather interesting. Dome Tours are a lot like White House tours… it’s essentially a lottery system. We got lucky enough to be called up to go. We also went with some Orthodox Jewish people from Memphis. The four interns, a staffer, and three Orthodox Jewish peoples. Awesome times. I think we may have annoyed them by our crazy picture taking. We stayed in each place far after it appeared the others wanted to leave. I think, for the interns, it was a moment that completely validated our experiences. Following the Dome Tour, Craig asked me to take the family on a brief tour of the Capitol (because they had to get to a lunch meeting). After seeing the Apotheosis up close, it was going to be hard to impress them with anything. However, we did make it to all the stops–and my normal fun facts from the tour were included… Including the Tennessee Marble on Reagan’s statue. Sam Houston being TN’s 3rd statue. and other such useless nonsense. The rest of the stay was spent with me… killing time until the end of the day. I wrote a couple letters, fixed a few things on the website, and made casual conversation with my co-workers.

After work, Team Intern went with Miriam to The Science Club for a J Street intern Happy Hour. Team Intern seems to be doing a bad job of picking happy hours to go to, because none of them are giving anything away at a discount. Oh well. I ran into Ilissa Gold from Nashville at the event. I was also “attacked” by the Southeastern Regional Director of J Street when she realized I was from Vanderbilt. They need us to organize up at Vandy or something. (brief background: J Street is a Pro-Israel, Jewish organization. Their name is a play on K Street, which is where all the lobbying firms, and a grudge that L’Enfant had against John Jay, which is why there isn’t a J Street in DC.)

After the event, Team Intern (-Miriam, +Grant & random kid) went to dinner at a place called… Malaysia Kopitiam. Food was pretty good. It had received numerous best value awards, but the food didn’t seem that cheap to me? All of the decorations were Japanese and Chinese… which we discussed at length during dinner.

Post-dinner, I headed back towards home on the Blue Line. I got back home to find that both of my packages had arrived. The first contained American Lion, a book about Andrew Jackson, and The First Tycoon, a book about Cornelius Vanderbilt. Both books won Pulitzer Prizes. I’m about fifty pages into American Lion. The second package was from Mom’s adventure down to Charleston, SC. Mom got me a pair of Charleston Khakis, a Palmetto Polo, and a Palmetto bow tie!


  • Breakfast: cereal & orange juice; Lunch: Turkey sandwich, carrots, tapioca pudding!, apple sauce, blueberries, and water (and hot chocolate); Dinner: Chicken & Pork Satay from Kopitiam.
  • Outfit: Dark Green VV Polo, BB Khakis, VV Belt, light brown Sperry Topsiders.


Look what just came from Australia…

Jesus answered them, “Beware that no one leads you astray. For many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am the Messiah!’ and they will lead many astray.

This is more of a random story than anything from today, though, I found a DVD case that reminded me of it…

Generally, I avoid doing the mail. There’s too many If…then… things for me to do it well. However, one day last week I had to do the mail. We got a package from Australia. We don’t have to log packages that come from outside of our district, but I usually look at all the mail to see what interesting stuff we get… I opened the package from Australia… it contained a rather long letter, a booklet, and one of those flier things you find at a doctor’s office or a restaurant that has a calendar on it.

This guy from Australia claimed that he was Christ Jesus. He had his picture, references to back him up, and all that good stuff. His name was like “John Jacob Lion Tiger Bear Johnson,” and he came up with a way that the words meant some sort of thing that made him the messiah.

However, he also had a creepy blonde mustache. I’m not thinking it was him. Though, it got me thinking, how deluded does someone have to be to send 535 packages from Australia proclaiming your insanity? It’s pretty nuts…

…almost as nuts as the letter we got from this guy who claimed that the CIA had a special division called “The Operators” and that these people tortured him and his family and friends. They had killed some of them. They gave him terrible afflictions, I think his limbs were falling off and stuff. He said they knew everything he saw or did. Also, sent to all 535 members of Congress. I think we re-directed the letters to his Congressman. I feel sorry for their interns.

I’ll get back to what reminded me of this now, I noticed a DVD that was still shrink wrapped that had pictures of Hindu religious rites from 2500ish BC, Early Christian religious rites, and then Thai rites claiming that they were the new manifestations of “god” on earth. Prettttyyy weird stuff.

That’s all for today.

  • Food: Frosted Shredded Mini-wheats, bbq from Longworth with Team Sessions, CHICK-FIL-A for dinner!
  • Clothes: khakis and yellow oxford
  • Bible: Numbers 33, Psalms 55-56, Isaiah 24, Matthew 24, I Corinthians 8

Take me out to the ball game…

throw me some Georgia Peanuts and a C-Span Lunchbox and a Comcast bag, and a Qwest Umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh

The lunchbox was worth the price of admission all by itself.

Oh, yes, the Congressional Baseball game was today! A fun-filled evening of American patriotism and bipartisanship. I went with Martha, Jill, and Katelyn.

Nancy Pelosi had just ducked back down to her seat when this was taken. The game began with the Republicans up 1-0, but some excellent hits by Democrats and tragic errors by the GOP lead to an eventual 13-5 victory for the Democrats.

The Renewable Energy lobby was out in force. They had really cool “BP’s MVPs” shirts… BP logo on front, “BARTON” on the back with a 1 dripping oil. They also handed out these signs:

Let’s return back to my adventures on capitol hill this morning!

So, we’re having a typical morning in the office. Talking about dumb things Marsha Blackburn has done, etc… Then we get a frantic phone call from our Chief of Staff Marilyn Dilahay (btw-mom-do you know her? she went to Murray State and is about your age). There’s this freaked out woman trying to get to a meeting in the CVC, but she can’t get in… and is lost… and had perfume and lotion and toothpaste in her bag (aka… a bomb). I volunteered to help her get over to the capitol. I had to remove the aforementioned toothpaste and lotion from her bag and take it to another intern to take to her Congressman. Apparently, she had been all over the building trying to find someone to help her… and no one would help. Being good Southern people from Tennessee, we had offered up our assistance. We shouldn’t have.

The entire time I was walking her over to the visitor center she wouldn’t shut up about how nice we were, blah blah blah, she bad mouthed Pelosi’s office a bit. Her stuff didn’t say where to go… except that it was in the CVC… and so I asked a scheduler, and they found it. So… when I finally get rid of her, the people greeting their guests apologized that I had to deal with her.

Well, when I got back to the office, I looked up her organization… Act! America. A muslim-hating-bunch-of-ignorant-crazies.

I also… updated some web site pages, wrote some letters for little kids, took a letter to Speaker Pelosi’s office (it took 2 interns and a staffer to make it over there.), watched the World Cup, watched Venus get knocked out of Wimbledon, and wrote about the F135/136 Joint Strike Fighter.


  • Black RL Suit
  • Green Vanderbilt VV Tie
  • White BB suit
  • Black J&M Shoes
  • Numbers 25, Psalm 37-38, Isaiah 16, Matthew 15, Romans 15
  • Breakfast: Bagel, Strawberry Cream Cheese & OJ & Coffee
  • Lunch: Turkey, swiss, lettuce on wheat, tapioca pudding, apple sauce, tortilla chips, and water
  • Afternoon snack: Pita chips, oatmeal cookie(s), and Peach Sherbet (from the “Pollinator’s Caucus” event last week.
  • “Late Afternoon” Snack: Ben’s Chili Dog at the ballpark and Georgia Peanuts (and no water)
  • “Dinner”: Apple and large glass of water.

June 18 Stats

Today’s Bible Reading –

  • Numbers 12
  • Psalm 13-14
  • Isaiah 4
  • Matthew 2
  • Romans 2

Today’s Menu –

  • Chicken Sandwich #1 at Clyde’s for dinner
  • Blueberry Bagel for breakfast
  • Turkey & Provolone on wheat for lunch

Today’s Activities –

  • Internship, 9-6
  • “Ivy-Intern” mixer, 7-8
  • Dinner at Clyde’s with Zoe, Sandy, Laura, and Lauren 8-9
  • Toy Story 3 9-11
  • Suite 518 chill time 11-1:30

Today’s clothes –

  • Blue Brooks Brothers sport shirt
  • Khaki BB pants
  • Volunteer Traditions TN belt
  • Brown Sperry’s
  • (It was casual day in the office)