Firehook: The Daily Roast

This will probably be my shorted coffee shop review, but Firehook is great.


It’s a small, DC-based chain of shops that provides exactly what you need in the morning–a $2.00 iced coffee and a freshly-made bacon, egg, & cheese.

They also have great desserts available like holiday iced cookies, king cakes in February, and the Presidential Cookie.

It’s cheap. They’re everywhere. 10/10 for Firehook.

Bean Counting: Dunn Bros

Ah, Dunn Brothers, I think I may have spent $500 here this summer. image_1Dunn Bros. is everything that I need in a coffee shop. It has great food, great coffee, and an easy going vibe. It’s not too corporate, but you’re also not being served out of a plastic dixie cup. They have an amazing blend called “Infinite Black,” which is like double-strength and perfect for that first (or fifth) cup in the morning. 
image (1)

The Vibe: 

Think local Starbucks. None of the baristas have abnormal piercings or tattoos.

The goods: 

Bacon. Egg. Cheese. Biscuit. Sausage. Egg. Cheese. Biscuit. Also, an awesome fruit cup that isn’t entirely made out of melon. Plus your typical assortment of pastries and yogurt.


The Joe: 

Excellent. Unique flavor. Strong, but not overpowering. They have all of the milk varieties you could want.


The Verdict:

If you’re looking for a solid coffee shop in downtown Nashville, look no further than Dunn Bros. None of the hippy pretentious of other local shops, but all of the delicious, craft-roasted coffee.

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Bean Counting: Headquarters Coffee

I drink a lot of (Iced) coffee. It’s a whole category of my budget. I’ve got Starbucks Gold Status until 2016. So, I thought I’d start writing about my experiences in coffee drinking around Nashville, Washington, DC, and the world.

The first stop on our coffee tour, only because it’s where I went to today, is Headquarters Coffee on Charlotte Ave. They can be found at:

4902 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209
(615) 386-6757

The Vibe:

Reminded me of Sidamo on H Street in DC (review to come). Eclectic music, jewelry for sale, reclaimed hardwood everywhere.

The Goods:

They had your typical selection of artisan coffee and espresso beverages available. I was coffee-hqhappy to see iced coffee on the menu. Prices slightly higher than Starbucks, but much lower than Barista Parlour. A 20oz Iced Coffee was $4.00 on the menu, but mine was only $3.00.

Vegan cakes, cookies, and other desserts were available. They also carried an assortment of bottled kombucha and iced coffee.

The Joe:

Iced Coffee has a mild acidic flavor. Nothing overpowering. Maybe floral? They only had almond milk and half & half available in the cooler, so that may color my judgment of the taste.

The Verdict:

I’ll probably go back. It’s on my way to/from work. Street Parking is available and it’s right next to one of my new breakfast favorites, Porter Road Butcher.

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