Where Do You Find Meaning?

1. Within the fortune cookie at your favorite Asian restaurant. If you wanted luck, this would be a good choice. But if you are seeking answers, a fortune picked at random by a total stranger would not be the answer.

2. A fortune teller. You may be able to divine the path of your soul from their predictions. But be aware that they tell the same thing to everyone that can pay their fees.

3. Philosophy. It can help you gain knowledge and understand of the meaning of life for others, but you may go raving mad to the point of losing it.

4. The rising sun. It can be a motivation to start life anew, but don’t become a roasted potato.

5. Music. If you can find your life’s meaning in music, then you can be swayed by anyone with a good voice and inspirational words. A con-artist, maybe?

6. Food and coffee. Sounds like you are just hungry.

7. Friends. Not all friends are good. Don’t try to find your meaning from bad friends or you may just end up behind bars.

8. Relationships. It’s best to already know yourself before starting a relationship or you will end up being led by the nose by your partner.

9. School. With the money you spend, you will find your life’s path, whether it’s as a lawyer or Walmart cashier.

10. Remember, however, that you can find the meaning of your life in odd places. See the picture below.


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