A Law Student’s Valentine’s Day Lament

1.  I read Tina’s column and decided to test out her advice for finding love in law school, Matrix-style, by wearing a leather body suit to Property to ask that guy next to me out on a date.  Problem: apparently it gets hot wearing a leather body suit on the Metro.  It’s hard to look mysterious when you’re dabbing sweat you’re your forehead.

2.  On the bright side, this cute officer from Metro police kept trying to get my attention.  Missed opportunity – I was in a hurry to get to class.  He kept running after me, so I guess he must have needed a Valentine’s Day date, too.

3.  Got to McDonough in time to give myself final look-over in the bathroom mirror before my big moment.  Having second thoughts – maybe I should have followed her Clueless tip and sent myself boxes of chocolate from “your secret admirer.”  At least if it didn’t got well, I would still have the chocolate.

4.  Good news – he said yes.  Too bad I got cold-called because my professor noticed the leather suit.

5. So we planned a date for Monday.  Not sure what else we have in common besides Property, so I better do my case reading in advance.

6.  Waiting….where is he?  I thought I was looking might fine in my shorts and UGG boots…but on second thought, maybe he got confused and thought we were in the wrong season for Valentine’s Day.

7.  We were supposed to have a romantic dinner over fondue, but I don’t think it’s going well.  I can’t stop thinking about the potential sources of liability if I burn myself on the fondue pot.  Will I be held responsible for contributory negligence?  Can I still recover?

8.  This is awkward.  What do we talk about?  Hmmm….what are his thoughts on trespassory invasion and saucy interlopers?

9.  End of the night.  Don’t think there will be a second date.  I think Jordan Rothman said at Java Hut that he starts all of his dates out at Krispy Kreme…maybe I’ll go see if he’s in there.  Or I’ll just pick up six donuts to bring to the Gewirz front desk tomorrow.  He seems like a nice guy.

10.  Those donuts are looking tasty.  Jordan who?

Top Ten this week by Katrina Homel, 1L.

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