Georgetown now shares #14 spot in U.S. News ranking

Georgetown Law shares its #14 spot in the latest U.S. News & World Report ranking of the best American law schools. The University of Texas at Austin moved up from #15, joining Georgetown in the vaunted class of ‘T14’ law schools.

Most of the other top-ranked law schools maintained their past positions, but a few rose or fell. The current top rankings after the jump… 

1) Yale

2) Harvard

3) Stanford

4) Columbia

5) University of Chicago

6) New York University

7) Michigan (rose 2 spots); University of Pennsylvania

9) UC Berkeley (dropped 2 spots); University of Virginia (rose 1 spot)

11) Duke

12) Northwestern (dropped 1 spot)

13) Cornell

14) Georgetown Law; Texas (moved up 1 spot)

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