After close SBA runoff, New Couch in McDonough is Day Vice President

Students’ voices heard. New Couch in McDonough smiles benevolently in new position as SBA Day Vice President.The seating arrangement “New Couch” has won the Student Bar Association Day Division position of Vice President in a close election runoff against Morgan Freeman.

The election began with a pool of various candidates, all with different visions for Georgetown University Law Center. Mickey Mouse claimed he would clean up the school with a lively broom, and the Yellow Teletubby exclaimed: “laa laa,” and nobody knew what this meant. 

Morgan Freeman gave a lengthy speech, enumerating the lengths he would go to to serve the Law Center. “For twenty days and twenty nights, the Emperor Penguin will march to a place so extreme, it supports no other life. In the harshest place on earth, love finds a way. For Georgetown, I will lead the way,” he said.  

Despite these various positions, it was New Couch who caught the voters’ attention. 

New Couch promised to be comfortable in the role: soft enough to conform to school rules and firm enough to stay steady in its convictions. “I will fill the vacant seat of authority at the school, and you can rest on me when you are in need,” Couch told the voters. 

After the first round of elections, New Couch and Morgan Freeman were in a dead heat. The SBA called for a runoff election between the two candidates to determine who would be the next SBA Day Division Vice President. 

The runoff election got tense as the mudslinging began. In a heated debate only days before the runoff, Morgan Freeman called the sofa a “La-Z-Boy” who would “do nothing for the student community but sit around.” He also accused the new couch of being “nothing but a love seat,” not nearly wide enough to accommodate the interests of more than two people at a time. Freeman believes this is simply not enough for the Georgetown Law Community. 

New Couch responded that “while Morgan Freeman may have the voice of an authoritative angel, he lacks substance.” New Couch pleaded with the voters to not be distracted by the dulcet tones of Freeman’s voice – but to recognize that his speech merely consisted of excerpts from March of the Penguins. “He has no platform, and I do,” Couch claimed. “Do not be fooled by his empty words.”  

New Couch won by only two votes. When interviewed, a law student who voted for New Couch expressed her hopes for the upcoming school year. “Like, I don’t ask for that much, just a couch to sit on,” she confessed. 

by Alexa Tsakopoulos, 1L 


Georgetown Law elects new SBA executive board and class representatives for next academic year

by Ann Y. Du, 1L

On Thursday, March 21, 2013, the Georgetown University Law Center Student Bar Association held campus-wide elections to select the new general representatives and executive board members for the 2013-14 academic year.

Bill King, 1L, swept the Day Division Vice President election. King earned 217 votes compared to his opponents Samuel Smith, 1L, and Ernest Pysher, 1L, with 127 votes and 49 votes respectively. In his candidate statement, King stated, “[l]ast fall, I was honored to become my section’s delegate to the SBA. I didn’t have much experience, but made one simple promise – to always take my job seriously and to listen when my classmates had something to say.” Kukui Claydon, 2E, will be the new Evening Division Vice President.

Rounding out the executive board for next year are Jessica Montello, 2L, as Secretary and Andrew Warner, 1E, as Treasurer.

The only executive board position that remained unfilled at the end of Thursday night was the highly contested role of president. The Thursday ballots produced no clear winner between the three candidates, with a mere 16-vote difference between the forerunner Parker Schnell, 2L, with 195 votes, and Edward Williams, 2L, with 179 votes. Alexis Kellert, 2L, had 185 votes.

With no definitive majority in favor of any candidate, Christopher Morgan-Riess, 3L, the current SBA Elections Chair, announced that a run-off election would take place on Friday, March 22, 2103. Along with President, run-off elections were also for Joint Degree Representative and for one of the 3E Representative positions. The run-off for the second 3E Representative resulted in another tie between Landon Stropko, 2E, and Tara Straw, 2E, on Friday night, and will be decided by a 2/3 vote by the outgoing SBA members.

The position of President was conferred upon Parker Schnell who maintained her leading position in the presidential polls, earning 53.08 percent of the run-off votes. The new Joint Degree Representative will be Joe Vukovich, 1L.

Along with the executive board members, new general representatives for each class were also selected. These delegates will be responsible for representing the voices and best interest of each year group or program at the Law Center.

 A full list of newly elected representatives follows:


Executive Board
President: Parker Schnell
Day Vice President: William King
Evening Vice President: Kukui Claydon
Secretary: Jessica Montello
Treasurer: Andrew Warner

Allyson Poulous
Benjamin Lee
Whitney Turk
Alexis Kellert
Alex Bergjans
Ashley Binetti
David O’Steen
Kevin Homiak
Nicole Smith
Phil Beshara
Benjamin Schiffelbein
Colin MacDonald
Ernest Pysher
Lance Shapiro
Lane Johnson
Mercedes Bugallo
Monique Boyce
Ricardo Doriott
Samuel Smith
Utsav Gupta
Anjali Garg
Betsy Henthorne
Ory Rinat
Landon Stropko, Tara Straw– TBD by 2/3 vote of outgoing House of Delegates
Elizabeth Nevitt
Edit Frenyo
Joint Degree:
Joe Vukovich



Sold Out: SBA not releasing more Barristers’ Ball tickets

Tickets for the annual ball quickly sold out.Ever since a gargantuan line of students snaked through — and around — Hotung last Wednesday, the SBA has been under growing criticism for the rapid sell-out of Barristers’ Ball tickets. George Chipev, the incoming Chair of the SBA’s Special Events Committee, sat down with the Law Weekly to clear some things up.

800 tickets were released for this year’s event. Chipev said that this was “about 50 or so more than last year’s initial allocation.”

“Last year’s allocation sold out in over two and a half days,” said Chipev. The committee gauged interest for this year by “basing it off of last year’s demand.”

Addressing the speed with which the ticket supply disappeared, Chipev admitted that this “probably made things look like they were less organized than they were.”

In reality,he said, ticket sales went so quickly because the sales process operated more efficiently than ever. “We sold out the tickets — more than we did last year — in about 45 minutes.” Someone at SBA even calculated the rate: 1 ticket sold every 4.6 seconds.

Chipev was also asked if SBA would be repeating last year’s release of additional tickets. “The venue was bigger last year, which then allowed us to release more tickets. This year we aren’t releasing any more … . We have reached the allowable and preferred indoor capacity of the venue for our purposes.”

Regarding a rumor that the committee’s refusal to provide additional tickets this year was the result of laziness, Chipev offered a sharp rebuttal. “Any rumors that we simply do not want to renegotiate food or drink contracts are unfounded.”

Some students, however, have been questioning the foresight of SBA with regard to event attendance. Many 1Ls remember not being able to get a ticket for Fall float either.

Chipev acknowledged difficulties there, but noted that those difficulties had been attributed to other factors. This year, he explained, “people were aware that the weather was going to be really good, and also tickets were $25 cheaper” than the previous year. “We attributed fall float selling out as it did … to those two circumstances, which didn’t really line up with Barrister’s Ball.”

“There was clearly alot more demand [for Barrister’s Ball], more than we thought,” said Chipev, adding that “these are things that we are going to take into account next year.”

“It’s a balance,” he explained, “and the committee as a whole felt that we made the right decisions.”

Students who have tickets and are not planning to attend can help out someone on the waitlist (and get their money back) by contacting Dan Soleimani at

Disclosure Statement: Justin Waddell is a current SBA delegate.