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1. Natty Lite

nattyThe decision of what the first post should be was definitely a toss up, but I decided on Natty Light because it is the defining beverage of a large portion of the student body’s weekend.

Commonly known as Frat-Water, this beverage (with a taste described somewhere between Evian water and urine) is one of the primary beverages of the student body (followed closely by Dasani Bottled Water and Naked Juice). The primary advantage of Lite over Naked Juice is its ability to get people… oh wait. Without this magic water and its magical powers, you might never be able to score that Theta, or you could end up stuck with her, yeah her. There are Facebook pictures to prove it. 

Because of this high esteem in the hearts and minds of the student body, Natty Lite is available in the “Pub at Overcup Oak” and is purchasable on the “Commodore Card.” Of course, who would ever actually pay for this magic water, when you can simply go to the nearest source of loud music (yeah, 302, second door on your left) for a free supply of it!

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