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9. Halloween

halloweenFor the first time in seven years, Halloween fell on a Saturday, presenting Vanderbilt Students with four days of tricking and treating the “one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” The spooking began on Wednesday when  The Slant reminded students of all the tragic events that have occurred over the years on Vanderbilt’s campus. Armed with this guide, the students returned to those familiar haunts to find lost memories.

Friday night gave students the ability to see a vision of their Saturday morning with a viewing of The Hangover in Sarratt Cinema.

Halloween Day presented student with its fair share of tricks and treats. Georgia Tech tricked the Vanderbilt Commodores into thinking they could get a Halloween upset before slaughtering the ghost-faced Commodores 56-31. Following the game, Vanderbilt students returned to the familiar haunts of the fraternity houses decked out in orange and purple and full of ghosts and goblins. Vanderbilt students showed their innate creativity with costumes that showed more than just the ‘slutty’ side of the holiday. “Belmont Student,” “H1N1,” and two Gumbys found their way into the raging around campus. As the 2AM hour approached, Vanderbilt students hoped they would be able to relive the spirit of the last hour by doing it over again when the clock ticked from 1:59 back to 1:00, however the all-seeing Kristen Torrey saw that all the vampires and zombies were sent back at the pre-daylight-savings time 2:00 am.

Beginning Thursday night, a clear favorite costume emerged among Vanderbilt students-The Belmont Student. Complete with girl pants, leather jackets, and band t-shirts, it looked like Vanderbilt had been transported

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