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8. Sorority Flair

sorority flair_001small Vanderbilt University boys love sorority flair. Walk through the line at Rand, and you’ll see almost as many boys sporting sorority letters as girls. From date party & recruitment t-shirts to croakies and coozies, the boys will wear anything from their girl(s)’s sorority(ies).

Some of the most popular items on campus include Tri-Delta’s “R?GE R?GE R?GE” shirts, AX? & X? Croakies, and PiPhi Wayfarers.

Even more ubiquitous are game day stickers. Every self respecting frat boy (and even most GDIs) will have at least 3 stickers on at every game, and a good portion of those stickers end up gracing the walls & message boards of their rooms. (or street corners, roads, traffic signs, & bars)

What’s your favorite piece of sorority flair?

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