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pastelanimals1If you have ever walked through Rand Dining Center, you will know that Vanderbilt students have an affinity for embroidered animals on their pastel colored shirts.

Ranging from alligators to eagles to an assortment of styles of men on horses carrying sticks, these shirts ensure your ability to blend into the sea of Easter Egg colored students.

Typically displayed on a Polo shirt, the embroidery represents your status in the Vanderbilt community at large. It shows your ability to discern between high school clothing (The evil A’s referenced here: http://frattinghard.com/fratting-101-battle-of-the-polo-shirts-lesson-4/) and standard top 20 college attire. Paying between $72 (Lacoste @ Macy’s) and $110 (Burberry) for a shirt that can be acquired at Wal-Mart for $5 proves your ability to assess quality and fashion.

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