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7. Free T-shirts

Vanderbilt students like to get free t-shirts. Vanderbilt t-shirts, fraternity and sorority t-shirts, “support my cause” t-shirts, event t-shirts, basically any kind of t-shirt–we want them. 

The moment you arrived on campus, you received free t-shirts. The class of 2012 received a class shirt, a house shirt, and a Commodores in the Community shirt. During the first games of the football season, students received jerseys and black t-shirts. At the beginning of basketball season, hundreds of students waited hours in the freezing cold to get “War on I-40″ or “Beat Bama” t-shirts. Several unfortunate souls also ended up waiting in line for that chocolate milk shirt. 

We’ll do anything for a free shirt… jump up and down in front of a camera, reveal all of our personal information on a 3×5 index card…. join a sorority just for that massive pile of clothes…. or wait to be part of some sort of service project so that you can work for the shirt.

And the slogans on the shirts… Gammagonia, etc

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