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byxpregameA highlight in each semester’s social calendar is the non-alcoholic BYX Party. During the fall semester, the premiere event is JukeBYX, an opportunity to relive our childhoods through the 1990s. 

The evening is filled with flashing lights, Doug cartoons, Britney Spears songs, and the vague feeling that some people here really don’t dance like that while they are sober. Pre-gaming BYX parties is a favorite activity of Vanderbilt Students. Instead of the normal Natty-lite available at your average Frat party, the BYX boys serve up ice cold Capri Sun with a side of Fruit by the Foot.

As the Vanderbilt Student prepares for the epicness of 1000+ people dancing to the songs you really did sing in the shower as a child in the Schulman Center (Yeah, that’s right, the Christians are throwing a party in the Jewish center. Don’t you love Vanderbilt?), he or she must find some friends to “lose their sense of judgment” with. These can either be found in your “loud room over there” or at the similarly themed IFC party located on the other side of Frat Row. After having lost a significant amount of judgment, the Vanderbilt student marches to the Schulman Center, allows the BYX brother to take down their name, and prepares to party the night away with RugRats, Backstreet Boys, and NSync.

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  1. Kylie Batt says:

    ??? ??? ????? ?? ???????….

    A highlight in each semester’s social calendar is the non-alcoholic BYX Party…..

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