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9. Halloween

halloweenFor the first time in seven years, Halloween fell on a Saturday, presenting Vanderbilt Students with four days of tricking and treating the “one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” The spooking began on Wednesday when  The Slant reminded students of all the tragic events that have occurred over the years on Vanderbilt’s campus. Armed with this guide, the students returned to those familiar haunts to find lost memories.

Friday night gave students the ability to see a vision of their Saturday morning with a viewing of The Hangover in Sarratt Cinema.

Halloween Day presented student with its fair share of tricks and treats. Georgia Tech tricked the Vanderbilt Commodores into thinking they could get a Halloween upset before slaughtering the ghost-faced Commodores 56-31. Following the game, Vanderbilt students returned to the familiar haunts of the fraternity houses decked out in orange and purple and full of ghosts and goblins. Vanderbilt students showed their innate creativity with costumes that showed more than just the ‘slutty’ side of the holiday. “Belmont Student,” “H1N1,” and two Gumbys found their way into the raging around campus. As the 2AM hour approached, Vanderbilt students hoped they would be able to relive the spirit of the last hour by doing it over again when the clock ticked from 1:59 back to 1:00, however the all-seeing Kristen Torrey saw that all the vampires and zombies were sent back at the pre-daylight-savings time 2:00 am.

Beginning Thursday night, a clear favorite costume emerged among Vanderbilt students-The Belmont Student. Complete with girl pants, leather jackets, and band t-shirts, it looked like Vanderbilt had been transported

8. Sorority Flair

sorority flair_001small Vanderbilt University boys love sorority flair. Walk through the line at Rand, and you’ll see almost as many boys sporting sorority letters as girls. From date party & recruitment t-shirts to croakies and coozies, the boys will wear anything from their girl(s)’s sorority(ies).

Some of the most popular items on campus include Tri-Delta’s “R?GE R?GE R?GE” shirts, AX? & X? Croakies, and PiPhi Wayfarers.

Even more ubiquitous are game day stickers. Every self respecting frat boy (and even most GDIs) will have at least 3 stickers on at every game, and a good portion of those stickers end up gracing the walls & message boards of their rooms. (or street corners, roads, traffic signs, & bars)

What’s your favorite piece of sorority flair?

The Randwich

Making fun of HOD majors

7. Free T-shirts

Vanderbilt students like to get free t-shirts. Vanderbilt t-shirts, fraternity and sorority t-shirts, “support my cause” t-shirts, event t-shirts, basically any kind of t-shirt–we want them. 

The moment you arrived on campus, you received free t-shirts. The class of 2012 received a class shirt, a house shirt, and a Commodores in the Community shirt. During the first games of the football season, students received jerseys and black t-shirts. At the beginning of basketball season, hundreds of students waited hours in the freezing cold to get “War on I-40″ or “Beat Bama” t-shirts. Several unfortunate souls also ended up waiting in line for that chocolate milk shirt. 

We’ll do anything for a free shirt… jump up and down in front of a camera, reveal all of our personal information on a 3×5 index card…. join a sorority just for that massive pile of clothes…. or wait to be part of some sort of service project so that you can work for the shirt.

And the slogans on the shirts… Gammagonia, etc

6. Tortellini Tuesdays

tortelliniEach Tuesday, hundreds of Vanderbilt students wait in line close to thirty minutes to experience the wonders of Tortellini Tuesday. One of the few meals on campus prepared just-for-you, Tortellini Tuesday allows students to pick out sauces and toppings for an epic meal of Vandertalian goodness.

Now, some may say, why not wait until Thursday and have Tortellini at the commons? I will tell you why! Customizable toppings make things infinitely better. Tortellini with only marinara and chicken isn’t any good, BUT Tortellini with olive oil, garlic, marinara, alfredo sauce and chicken is wonderful. It’s well worth the fifteen minute trek from Peabody to Rand, and the thirty minute wait in line, and the awkwardness of finding a table every Tuesday evening between 5(6) and 7:30! 

(However, I do recommend going to the place where they usually have the International or Regional food, they have the best plates and the fastest chef.)

5. The North Face

thenorthfaceVanderbilt Students like fleece jackets made by The North Face. They also like backpacks made by The North Face. They also like gloves made by The North Face. I’ve heard there are a few people who even have The North Face underwear. 

Transcending even more groups than Natty Lite or the embroidered animal on shirts, The North Face logo is even more common than a Vanderbilt logo on students’ and teachers’ apparel and gear. At the beginning of the year, it seemed like just the vast majority of Vanderbilt students had The North Face items, but today I noticed that one of the Malaysian students was carrying a backpack with that familiar Helvetica Logo. So, it appears everyone has The North Face gear.

What is it about The North Face that makes it so appealing to Vanderbilt students? Many students say that the North Face jackets are exceptionally warmer than other brands. However, according to the Polartec website, it seems that everything from the $50 Columbia jacket in the bookstore to the $160 Patagonia jacket are all made out of the same material. (Polartec Classic 200) Despite this, the $165 The North Face “Denali” jacket is still the most common item on campus.

byxpregameA highlight in each semester’s social calendar is the non-alcoholic BYX Party. During the fall semester, the premiere event is JukeBYX, an opportunity to relive our childhoods through the 1990s. 

The evening is filled with flashing lights, Doug cartoons, Britney Spears songs, and the vague feeling that some people here really don’t dance like that while they are sober. Pre-gaming BYX parties is a favorite activity of Vanderbilt Students. Instead of the normal Natty-lite available at your average Frat party, the BYX boys serve up ice cold Capri Sun with a side of Fruit by the Foot.

As the Vanderbilt Student prepares for the epicness of 1000+ people dancing to the songs you really did sing in the shower as a child in the Schulman Center (Yeah, that’s right, the Christians are throwing a party in the Jewish center. Don’t you love Vanderbilt?), he or she must find some friends to “lose their sense of judgment” with. These can either be found in your “loud room over there” or at the similarly themed IFC party located on the other side of Frat Row. After having lost a significant amount of judgment, the Vanderbilt student marches to the Schulman Center, allows the BYX brother to take down their name, and prepares to party the night away with RugRats, Backstreet Boys, and NSync.

By its very nature, Facebook allows the unintentional stalking of all of your closest friends. And because of this, what is everyone’s favorite Saturday morning (read: early afternoon activity)? Looking at all the party pictures from the previous evening, of course! Seeing that guy in the light of the flash makes him look like going back to his ‘suite’ in Kissam wasn’t such a good idea after all?

The best of the facebook party pictures, however, are the ones containing freshmen first year students drinking a mysterious substance out of a red plastic cup. Obviously, these cups contain fruit punch (like HiC or Jungle Juice) and not any sort of other punch.

pastelanimals1If you have ever walked through Rand Dining Center, you will know that Vanderbilt students have an affinity for embroidered animals on their pastel colored shirts.

Ranging from alligators to eagles to an assortment of styles of men on horses carrying sticks, these shirts ensure your ability to blend into the sea of Easter Egg colored students.

Typically displayed on a Polo shirt, the embroidery represents your status in the Vanderbilt community at large. It shows your ability to discern between high school clothing (The evil A’s referenced here: http://frattinghard.com/fratting-101-battle-of-the-polo-shirts-lesson-4/) and standard top 20 college attire. Paying between $72 (Lacoste @ Macy’s) and $110 (Burberry) for a shirt that can be acquired at Wal-Mart for $5 proves your ability to assess quality and fashion.

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