The GOP: Still Wandering Through the Wilderness

I was recently having a conversation with a conservative friend of mine when he gleefully pulled out his Blackberry and read to me that day’s Rasmussen Presidential Approval Index, which had just hit a new low. This had become something of a routine for us: he reads to me dwindling poll numbers as [...]

Marxist Healthcare: Separating the Truth from the Bolshevik

The low availability and high cost of health care coverage in the United States necessitates reform. Conservative views employed by the Republican Party define health care as a competitive commodity, and not an inherent right. The Democratic Party, on the other hand, perceives health care as a universal right and not a privilege. Under the [...]

The Case Against the Democrat’s Health care Proposal: Why Government Getting involved in Health Care Should Make You Sick

On November 7th, the House narrowly passed the “Health Care for America” act. This bill creates a government run insurance option, forces individuals to purchase health insurance or pay a fine, expands Medicaid and prevents health insurance companies from charging different rates or refusing coverage due to a persons’s medical history. [1] [...]